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Alternatives to 12-Step Programs

What will work for you? Alternatives to 12-Step Programs By Jerry Dorsman The 12-Step Program has a proven track record. It works. Since its inception in 1935, this program has been used successfully by millions of individuals who have managed to break... (more...)

Four Key Decisions to Enhance Recovery

Photo Credit: Pixabay 4 Difference-Making Decisions That Will Change the Course of Your Recovery in 2018 By Jennifer Woodson You’ve made the decision to change your life for the better, and now you’re in the midst of making that happen. Along the... (more...)

How to Plan for a Safe and Sober Vacation

Enjoying a Safe and Alcohol-Free Vacation   Staying Sober: Planning a Safe and Alcohol-Free Vacation By Jennifer Woodson If you’re in addiction recovery, the upcoming vacation season might have you feeling anxious. How are you supposed to make... (more...)

From Once Down

Recovery from Addiction poem   From Once Down By Jerry Dorsman From down, from out, From lost, I escaped. I quit the alcohol. I quit the drugs. I left that lifestyle. I dropped the struggle. Now free, I see things afresh. The world around me, Pristine... (more...)

How to Manage after the Loss of a Spouse

How to Deal with Depression and Anxiety Resulting from the Loss of a Spouse How to Deal with Depression and Anxiety Resulting from the Loss of a Spouse By Jennifer Woodson At some point in our lives we all will lose someone who is important in our lives... (more...)

Co-Occurring Disorders: The Risks and Dangers

Photo by Lukka Richie   Co-Occurring Disorders: The Risks and Dangers By Jennifer Woodson For many people with mental health issues, learning to cope with the overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, or schizophrenia can be extremely... (more...)

Learning To Live With the ‘Alcoholic’ Label

Do I need to be labeled? Learning To Live With the ‘Alcoholic’ Label -Article by Helen Barker The first step to recovery, we all believe, is admitting that you’ve got a problem in the first place. We’ve all seen countless depictions of people... (more...)

Mind of a Flower

Can a Flower Have a Mind?   The Mind of a Flower By Jerry Dorsman How can we make a better connection with the world around us? Let us first consider what we are. As Gretel Ehrlich revealed in her book The Solace of Open Spaces: “Everything in... (more...)

Reducing Self-Criticism in Recovery

Reducing self-criticism   Reducing Self-Criticism in Recovery -Article by Helen Barker Many alcoholics and addicts use their substance abuse in a bid to achieve both happiness and confidence. However, in reality, addiction will never provide a route... (more...)

Just Like Children Playing

Children Playing   Just Like Children Playing By Jerry Dorsman Consider the various symbols in our lives. They’re all around us. Throughout history, we humans have developed thousands of symbols. Admittedly, some of these hold special meaning... (more...)

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