Helpful Info & Directories to help with addiction recovery

Online Resources and Directories

Helpful Methods that Support Recovery

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
For information on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and how it is a proven treatment for addiction, especially in the case of co-disorders: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy | Addiction Rehab Treatment.

Holistic Addiction Treatment
Many different holistic treatment methods have been used to treat substance use disorders. See this page for more information: Holistic Addiction Treatment (Is It Right For You?).

How to Heal the Addicted Brain
When breaking out of an addiction, it helps to learn more about brain chemistry and how to improve it. Healing the addicted brain is possible with a multifaceted approach. See info in this article: Healing the Addicted Brain.

Adding Exercise to Your Routine
This may be the Biggest List on the Internet detailing the “Benefits of Exercise.” See the article here:

Can Yoga Help with Addiction Recovery?
Check this resource to learn the benefits of yoga and how it can enhance addiction recovery: Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors
From relieving stress to lowering blood pressure, there’s no doubt mother nature improves our wellbeing. Check this article on the numerous health benefits of getting outdoors: Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors.

17 Ways to Stay Sober When You’re Stuck at Home
In today’s world, attempting recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic poses challenges. Here’s an article by Irina Gonzalez to help you get through it: 17 Ways to Stay Sober When You’re Stuck at Home | The Temper.

Types of Meditation
There are many kinds of meditation that can benefit you by reducing stress, managing anxiety, and helping to control addictions. So how do you find what suits you best? Here’s an article covering 8 types of advanced meditations by Jerry Dorsman who has been working with meditation for the past 40 years as a way to improve his overall recovery: Types of Meditation.

Guide to No-Gym Workouts
How can you become active and incorporate exercise into your busy schedule without having to pay for, and travel to, your local gym? See this in-depth, comprehensive guide to becoming active.

Going home after Rehab
What can help when going home after rehab. Here’s a Guide to Finding the Right Place for Your Recovery:

How Does Your Drug Affect Your Teeth… and What to Do about It
For an interesting resource that delivers in-depth information on the negative effects that substance abuse has on your oral health and also your available treatment options, see Substance Abuse and Dental Care.

Remaining Clean for the Holidays
Sometimes it can be difficult trying to navigate the holidays, especially early in recovery. Here’s an article offering five tips on remaining clean and sober during the holidays:

Mental Health Issues and Addictions

Mental Health and Addiction (Dual Diagnosis)
For insights and info on dual diagnosis, including effective treatment options: Mental Health Disorders & Addiction | Inland Detox.

What is the Connection between Trauma and Addiction?
To learn more about the mental health issues of trauma combined with addiction and treatments that are available, see: What is Trauma and Addiction | White House Recovery & Detox. 

Interventions to Help with Anxiety 
See recommendations for reducing anxiety, including techniques on how to alter the microbiome: The Relationship Between Gut Health and Anxiety – KnowYourDNA.

Do You Think You Might Be Struggling with a Mental Health Issue? 
You’re not alone.  Nearly 50 million people in the United States live with at least one mental health condition. Here’s a Self-Test that will help you get more information about your condition: Mental Health Self-Test.

What You Need to Know About Mental Health
For a comprehensive guide to “Mental Health” including the symptoms, causes, and treatments, check this page at: Health Match.

Depression and Substance Abuse (Dual Diagnosis)
Here’s a resource that discusses different types of depression, signs and symptoms to look out for, and how this emotional issue interacts with substance abuse: A Better Life for Recovery.

Anxiety and Addiction
If you are suffering from anxiety, take some time to check this article. It describes the issue and lists a number of coping techniques: Anxiety and Addiction.

Can plants improve mental health?
See this comprehensive resource featuring information about how owning house plants can help improve your mental health: Plant-keeping and Mental Health.

What Is Trauma-Informed Care?
Trauma informed care, developed by Dr. Robert Anda and Dr. Vincent Felitti, is a form of holistic healthcare. This type of care is based on the high likelihood that a patient has experienced a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Learn more here: Iris Healing.

Treating Complex PTSD During Rehab
For a thoroughgoing guide to complex PTSD, how it affects all aspects of addiction recovery, and how to treat it, see: Treating Complex PTSD.

Info on Specific Addictions

Information on At-Home Drug Screening Tests
For an overview of the four best At-Home Drug Screening Tests: 4 Best At-Home Drug Tests of 2022 –

Info on Meth
For a brief summary of the effects and risks of Methamphetamine Addiction, check this site: Meth in Your System Blog.

Adderall Abuse
This new guide details the signs and symptoms of Adderall abuse and offers information on finding the best treatment options: Adderall Guide.

Focus on Alcohol
Addiction Group provides a webpage with facts about alcohol addiction, treatment, and rehabilitation. See: Addiction Group.

Am I An Alcoholic?
Check this page to help with diagnosing a problem with excessive drinking: Do I Have A Drinking Problem?

Educational resource covering all aspects of alcoholism including signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and where to go for help. See

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart
Here’s an interesting website (ACLS Online) that reveals the effects of taking drugs on the health of your heart:

Opioid Addiction and Abuse
For more info on opioid addiction (heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, codeine, etc.), see this web page: Opioid Addiction & Abuse.

Alcohol Detox
Here’s what you need to know about the alcohol detoxification process: Alcohol Detox: Symptoms and Treatment | Addiction Rehab Treatment.

For Information on Withdrawal
Here’s a website that presents information and resources on what to expect and how to manage withdrawal from specific drugs and also alcohol. See link here:

Information on Quitting Smoking
For a helpful guide to quitting tobacco and nicotine products, see this link for a tobacco-free life.

Resources for Specific Populations

Assisted Living Information for People with Addictions
For help with assisted living, see this guide for people struggling with substance abuse: Assisted Living Options for People Struggling with Addiction –

Info Concerning Addictions in College
For students dealing with addiction issues, check out this information on various addictions and what to do about them: Addictions in College: What They Are & How to Avoid Them

Substance Abuse Issues for Veterans
Studies show that service members suffer at a much higher rate of substance dependence than non-veterans. Here’s a helpful site for veterans and their families, offering the resources for recovery from addiction. See: Substance Abuse in Veterans: A Guide for 2020.

How Addiction Affects the Transgender Community
Check out this new, practical guide that details how addiction affects individuals in the transgender community: Sunshine Behavioral Health. 

How to Protect and Retain Executives with Addiction Problems
This page examines substance use disorder (SUD) in business executives and presents treatments that help these employees recover from SUD and retain their positions: Protect and Retain Executives with Addiction Problems.

Mental Health Resources for the US Hispanic population
Using federal data from the U.S. Census Bureau, HelpAdvisor found 3.8 million Hispanic Americans aren’t getting the mental health care services they need. This Guide explores the issue, including expert public health analysis and local Spanish-language resources to help serve Latino Americans. See:

How to Help an Addict when They Think They Don’t Need Help
There are ways to help an addict overcome their substance abuse disorder even when they appear resistant to treatment. This website offers suggestions and has an e-book you can download for free: How to Help an Addict.

LGBTQ+ Young Adults and Teen Mental Health
Here’s information for LGBTQ+ Young Adults and Teen concerned about mental health issues: How to Help Yourself and Your Friends.

How to Help Teens Overcome Substance Abuse
Great resource to inform and protect our teenage children: Helping Teens Overcome Substance Abuse.

Signs of Drug Use in Young Adults
As substance abuse numbers are on the rise in the United States, it helps to be aware of the signs. Here is a webpage revealing the Signs of Drug Use in Young Adults.

How to Find a Therapist or Treatment Center

Online Addiction Counseling
This website can help those who are struggling with substance addiction by making it easy to connect with an online counselor who can help you jump-start or continue your road to recovery: Online Addiction Counseling.

Find a Counselor or Treatment Center Near You
Check the website for addiction information and to search for a treatment professional or treatment center that would be available and easy for you to access.

Addiction Resources
This website offers to help anyone who is affected by addiction by providing reliable and comprehensive resources, advice, tips and guides. Start at their home page here:

For Information on Getting into Recovery
When first considering the possibility of breaking an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you need to know where to start. For assistance identifying your problem and knowing where to go for help, try:

Help with Choosing the Right Treatment Center
There are over 13,000 addiction facilities in the U.S. Which one is right for you? Check this site to find out.

How to Get Someone into Rehab
Helping a loved one get into rehab may seem like a big undertaking. But it can be broken down into steps. Check this website for help: Alcohol Rehab Help.

Information on Addictions and Recommendations for Recovery
See, a website that is not only for those seeking help with their addictions, but also for those who want to find out more about helping a family member or friend who may have problems with addictions.