From Chapter One of the book How to Quit Drinking Without AA

How to Quit Drinking without AA

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Just a Part of You

Jud would tell anyone sitting next to him at the bar, “I’m an alcoholic…there’s no two ways about it.” Then he’d quaff another brew.

Actually there are two ways about it. A part of you remains non-alcoholic no matter how much you drink.

This is very important. Why? Because most people label themselves one thing or another, as alcoholic or not alcoholic, but not something in-between. Then they act as if they’re stuck in their description and have no choice.

Even if you’re a down-and-out alcoholic drinker who stays drunk constantly, only a part of you can be considered “alcoholic.” Even though all of your cells contain alcohol as a result of your alcoholic blood, even though each cell craves alcohol as soon as the alcohol level goes down, each one still retains some integrity. This integrity is provided by alternatives to alcohol: the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe. To be sure, a definite part of you does not depend on alcohol. In fact, this part dislikes alcohol intensely and fights against it. This part works to preserve your body’s natural health.

Donna’s friends and family members could easily see both sides of her. They would say, “She’s okay… especially when she’s not drinking.” Or: “I know deep down in her heart she’s a good person… if only she wouldn’t drink so much.”

Look closely inside yourself and you’ll see two opposing forces. One of them is alcoholic. The other is not.

The part of you that’s not alcoholic lies just below the surface, close at hand. But, as you might expect, the drunker you are the harder it is to get in touch with this part. Still, it’s there and it’s very strong. This non-alcoholic part of you has quite a bit of character. It’s an interesting side of yourself that you probably don’t know too well. The alcohol keeps it hidden.

Yet it’s this non-alcoholic part of you that thinks you might be “alcoholic.” It’s there the morning-after, shuddering and shaking at what you’ve done to yourself the night before. The non-alcoholic part of you knows you have a problem.

It’s the alcoholic part of you that thinks you’re fine. This part keeps excusing your alcoholic behavior and hiding you from your problems. This part will do virtually anything to keep you drinking.

It’s the non-alcoholic part that sees the problems alcohol is causing. This part wants to quit drinking. This is the part of you that has decided to read this information. It is this part which you need to get to know.

Why? Because the non-alcoholic part of you will win your battle against alcohol. This whole side of you begins to grow as soon as you quit drinking. Best of all, this side will help you live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life than you can ever experience by living through your alcoholic side.