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Books by author Jerry Dorsman

Books by author Jerry Dorsman

Books from Sunbury Press and Penguin Random House

All three of these books are available in bookstores nationwide and also at most online booksellers. See below for links to Amazon.com:

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For inspiration as well as information on breaking addictive behaviors, see the Facebook Page at this link: Freedom from Addictions.


For Addictions Counseling: Jerry Dorsman still provides addictions counseling on a limited, part-time basis. If you live near Cecil County, Maryland, and are seeking counseling to help you break a substance addiction, he offers this service. If interested, contact him at 410-392-9685 or write to him at his email below.

For Writing Services: Jerry writes articles and book reviews, as well as publicity, brochures, and press releases. He may be the right person to write for you. To contact him, call 410-392-9685 or write to his email below.

For Speaking Engagements: Jerry is an acknowledged expert on addictions, addiction treatment, and stress management techniques. He is available as a speaker on these topics. He can make presentations or lead discussions on these subjects. To contact him, call 410-392-9685 or write to his email below.

To Contact the Author: Emails for Jerry Dorsman may be sent to jdorsman@self-renewal.com.

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To Read Blog Posts: For posts on breaking addictions, see Breaking Addictions Posts. For posts on reducing stress and improving inner peace, see Inner Peace Posts.