How to Quit Drugs for Good

How to Quit Drugs for Good


1998: Harmony Press (A Division of Penguin Random House)
370 pages, $16.95 U.S., $23.50 Can.
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About this Book

When you use the right techniques, you can take control of your recovery. In How to Quit Drugs for Good, you’ll find a proven, easy-to-follow formula for success.

This book serves as a complete self-help guide for breaking a drug addiction. With it, you’ll learn how to:

  • free yourself from addictive drugs
  • stop your cravings for drugs
  • plan your own personal approach
  • make key changes to ensure a successful recovery
  • choose specific methods that will work for you
  • handle any problems that arise
  • regain your strength
  • undo the damage caused by the various drugs of abuse
  • revitalize yourself emotionally and physically

With this program, you’ll choose what works best for you from over 100 proven techniques. The book serves as your “personal guidebook” with 32 checklists, tests, and worksheets.

This is a book that helps you gain power. It helps you get free from drugs… and stay that way.

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This book has also been published in Croation:

How to Quit Drugs for Good - Croation


It is available through its publisher in Zagreb, Croatia.