What Others Have Said about the Book How to Quit Drinking Without AA:

How to Quit Drinking without AA

The following are excerpts from book reviews and articles…

“A step-by-step recovery book with checklists, worksheets, and exercises to meet social, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual needs. Dorsman guides readers through stages to discover how much they need alcohol, whether they want to quit drinking, and the best way to do so.”
-Mike Snider
USA Today

“Dorsman, whose self-help book includes worksheets and checklists, often uses a cognitive-behavioral approach with clients…  There are any number of books that offer aid for those in trouble with alcohol. Here are some of the best:
How to Quit Drinking Without AA by Jerry Dorsman
Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey
The Miracle Method by Scott D. Miller and Insoo Kim Berg”
-Connie Lauerman
Chicago Tribune

“Dorsman’s plan for quitting alcohol is heavily behavioral; beginning with diet and exercise programs, finding different ways to cope with urges, new ways to deal with anxiety, anger, depression… Most of all he challenges drinkers to come to the conclusion he reached a dozen years ago: The benefits of drinking are not worth the problems drinking causes.”
-Darrell Sifford
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The premise of this guide is that the individual is responsible for his own health. It offers a thorough approach, backed with practical guidelines and techniques… Can be a helpful companion to the AA program.”
-Richard Peck
Addiction & Recovery Magazine

“The author plainly cares for his audience, clearly states the magnitude of the problem and offers a well defined road to recovery. Dorsman knows of what he speaks and offers hope to millions of Americans. All of us laughed at the creative brilliance of W.C. Fields, but his tragic death was no laughing matter. Alcoholism does not have to be a killer and Jerry Dorsman’s book can be an important first step in saving many lives. A very well done work and highly recommended.”
-Al Ralston
The Coast Book Review

“(This book) finds the right blend of substance and simplicity… bubbling with resources… a worthwhile addition to today’s addiction literature.”
-Bill Thompson
Natural Health Magazine

“The author has done a service in drawing attention to the physical aspects of recovery; his book is full of useful information and should improve the effectiveness of any recovery program.”
-Jim O’Brien
Your Health Magazine

“Once the need to quit drinking has been established by the first couple of chapters, the journey to breaking the habit, healing and building inner strength begins. Chapters include worksheets, practice exercises, and exhaustive lists of helpful hints and techniques.”
-Wendy Hiester Gilbert
Cecil Whig Newspaper

How to Quit Drinking Without AA offers a self-help approach which can be used with or without affiliation with AA. Ths book provides the latest facts on alcoholism, new treatment methods and an organized plan to help you quit drinking. If you’re serious about quitting drinking, this book deserves to be a member of your personal support group.”
-Ed Anderson
Recovery & Beyond

“A complete self-help guide to quitting drinking… focuses on techniques to rejeuvenate the body, improve health, and heal internal problems during recovery.”
-Hal Hager
Forecast Magazine

“Dorsman has developed a five point program that, among other things, doesn’t insist the recovering person attend meetings, an important point for loners; does inform him or her about health and diet specifics during recovery; doesn’t moralize; does utilize alternative health resources; doesn’t keep one focused on drug and alcohol avoidance; does help identify and make key necessary lifestyle changes–such as diet, relaxation, building inner strength–through information, worksheets and self-tests; doesn’t keep one a fearful, lifelong member of an organization; does have a spiritual component, but not a God-He focus… After careful examination of this program, I give it my endorsement as a creative and constructive alternative to AA.”
-Audrey DeLaMartre
The Phoenix