Chillingly Good Games for Your Sober Halloween Party

How to Plan for a Sober Halloween
Sober Halloween

Chillingly Good Games for Your Sober Halloween Party 

By Sharon Wagner

Halloween isn’t so far away, and as someone in recovery, maybe you’re thinking about throwing an alcohol-free Halloween bash. But you’re not sure your party will be a hit.

An alcohol-free party? Who would go to that? (You think.)

Relax — with the right planning, plenty of orange-and-black décor, and your trusty set of fake-bloody plastic fangs, you can host a terrific party that will be highly memorable for all.

Read on for a few game ideas from New Dawn Publishing Co. that you can host on Halloween, the eve of All Saint’s Day:

1. A Contest Pitting Pumpkin Carver to Carver

Carving pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns is a quaint Halloween tradition that’s sure to be a hit. Why not have your guests compete against each other to see who can produce the most creatively carved pumpkin?

All you need is a sturdy sack filled with small- to medium-sized pumpkins (not too big, please, as you want your guests to be able to comfortably take their pumpkin home), a selection of carving knives, and a huge bowl or two to collect the gutty pits. Entreat your guests to create and carve their own original jack-o’-lantern designs – the most popular one winning the contest. Like dyeing eggs for Easter or tinseling the Christmas tree, this contest would be a simple but terrifically fun event to host.    

2. The Classic Costume Competition

 It’s the time of year where you can dress up as anyone you want. Some of your party guests might take delight in the tradition and show up in well-constructed costumes, while others will just throw something together at the last minute. Why not up-the-ante and sponsor a costume competition? That way, everyone has an extra dollop of motivation.

Be sure to let your guests know beforehand what the prizes are to stir up excitement. But if you are short on ideas as to what prizes you should have, just give out charity donor awards. Most anyone attending your party would be keen to put in an extra effort for a good cause! Consider holding several category competitions, such as a prize for most creative costume, best couples costume, most scary costume, etc.

3. Host A Murder Mystery-Themed Dinner

If you’re intent on putting together something smaller and more intimate with just a few select friends, then host a murder mystery dinner. The game idea consists of assigning a role to every party guest sitting at the dinner table. Throughout the delicious repast, game participants must guess who the secret murderer is, as well as the secret victim. If you want, you could even tailor the game to fit a famous board game theme like “Clue” or a popular show like “Pretty Little Liars.”

4. Swap Scary Stories

 Remember when you were young, sitting by a campfire on a dark chilly night, and you and your friends decided to swap ghost stories with the intent to scare the bejesus out of the whole lot? Some stories were good, some were bad, but some managed to make your spine positively shiver–in a good way.

Wouldn’t it be splendid to create your own night of storytelling thrills? Invite your friend guests to cook up some good scary stories so you can all have some spine-chilling fun this upcoming All Hallows Eve.  

A Boo-zeless Mocktail and Coffee Bar

Just because there’s no alcohol doesn’t mean that the beverages have to be boring! Look for some fun mocktail recipes and build yourself a fancy coffee bar to bewitch your guests. But you’ll have to bone up on your espresso beverages first so you know the difference between a macchiato, a cordato, and a flat white! Or you can even hire someone to bartend and barista for the evening.

Make It Official with Spooky Invitations

What party is complete without themed invitations? Make your dry spook-fest stand out with hassle-free designs for your invites. Just pick a Halloween-themed template and customize it to match your party. Remember to mention that it is an alcohol-free party though so you don’t end up with unwanted alcoholic treats.

The Takeaway

When you’re working to stay sober, every day can be a challenge. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a fun, truly memorable Halloween party this year. If said party happens to feature a punch made from pumpkins or carrot juice instead of alcohol, so be it. Your friends will understand, and even be happy to see how dedicated you are to your own recovery. If you stay positive and have a clear vision of what sort of Halloween party you want to host, a good time can truly be had by all.

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