Meditation: Embracing the Void

Embracing the Void

— Sitting in Peaceful Meditation

Meditation: Embracing the Void

By Jerry Dorsman

For this meditation, take a few moments to relax within yourself. This works best if you sit in a comfortable pose and close your eyes. Now meditate upon the void, that vast expanse surrounding you.

Here’s one method that can guide you in this meditation:

First, notice the movement of your breath—breathing in, breathing out—and focus your attention on the space between breaths. To help you focus, pause at the end of each out-breath, before an in-breath, and again at the end of each in-breath, before an out-breath. Dwell in these spaces between breaths. Take time there. Feel the moment there.

Now consider the breath itself. Consider the vitalizing energy available in the air. By breathing, you remain connected with this energy. Your breath is animating. Your breath can be seen as spirit. The Universe breathes spirit into each and every living thing. But between breaths, there is a gap, a nothingness. Spirit arises from this nothingness. Spirit arises from the void.

After learning to dwell in the space between breaths, you can learn to dwell in the space between thoughts. Try it. Remain aware only of the gaps between your thoughts. Hold that moment in which no thought exists.

All thoughts are merely mental constructs anyway, images of reality, but not reality itself. Words themselves are merely symbols. Each word exists in the mind, separate from its object, though a word may call forth an image or mental representation of that object. So drop behind the words in your mind. Drop behind the images.

Rest for a moment in that calm center where no thought disturbs you. Allow the void to embrace you.

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Jerry Dorsman is the coauthor How to Achieve Peace on Mind and the author of two books on addiction recovery: How to Quit Drinking Without AA and How to Quit Drugs for Good. This post expands on one of the subchapters in How to Achieve Peace on Mind.

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