Links to Helpful Websites

Self-Help Information and Groups

SMART Recovery
SMART stands for Self Management And Recovery Training. SMART Recovery® offers free scientifically based mutual help groups (including groups online) for abstaining from any addictive behavior (alcohol, other substances, or activities). See

Women For Sobriety
This is another of the original alternatives to AA. WFS helps individuals with its Thirteen Statements of Acceptance. In contrast to the 12 Steps, these are non-religious thoughtsthat help members become more self-reliant in everyday life and achieve a lasting and successful recovery. Visit their site:

LifeRing Secular Recovery
For a secular approach to alcoholism and addiction treatment offering meetings across the U.S. and also a wealth of information on how to recover from addictions, visit

SOS Secular Recovery
SOS stands for Save Our Selves or Secular Organizations for Sobriety. This is one of the original alternatives to AA. Has meetings in many locations across the United States and also in numerous other countries. Check

16 Step Groups
Charlotte Kasl has developed an empowering alternative to AA groups. Instead of AA’s 12 Steps that take a spiritual and moral slant, she offers “16 Steps for Discovery and Empowerment” and a plan for group meetings based on these steps. Check

The Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site
See for extensive information on alternative treatment approaches as well as distinguished, professional advice from a rebel in the addiction treatment community.

Practical Recovery Services
PRS offers an alternative to the 12-step approach. At PRS individuals are not labeled “alcoholics” or “addicts.” Addictive behavior is understood as a complex maladaptive behavior, rather than a disease. See


Online Resources and Directories

Alcohol abuse among the elderly
This problem has become more and more prevalent. Click here for some helpful information regarding alcoholism among seniors. 

Addiction Treatment Resources
Here’s a useful list of addiction treatment resources from Coastal Detox, located in Stuart, Florida.

Guide to No-Gym Workouts
How can you become active and incorporate exercise into your busy schedule without having to pay for, and travel to, your local gym? See this in-depth, comprehensive guide to becoming active.

Addiction Resources
This website offers to help anyone who is affected by addiction by providing reliable and comprehensive resources, advice, tips and guides. Start at their home page here:

Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart
Here’s an interesting website (ACLS Online) that reveals the effects of taking drugs on the health of your heart:

Information on Addictions and Recommendations for Recovery
See, a website that is not only for those seeking help with their addictions, but also for those who want to find out more about helping a family member or friend who may have problems with addictions.

Information on Quitting Smoking
For a helpful guide to quitting tobacco and nicotine products, see this link for a tobacco-free life.

For Information on PTSD and Addiction Recovery
To learn more about the signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Abuse, and what are the best options for treatment, see:

Returning to work after addiction treatment
Here’s an interesting and helpful article from PsychCentral to help with this challenge: Go to

Going home after Rehab
What can help when going home after rehab. Here’s a Guide to Finding the Right Place for Your Recovery:

How Does Your Drug Affect Your Teeth… and What to Do about It
For an interesting resource that delivers in-depth information on the negative effects that substance abuse has on your oral health and also your available treatment options, see Substance Abuse and Dental Care.

Remaining Clean for the Holidays
Sometimes it can be difficult trying to navigate the holidays, especially early in recovery. Here’s an article offering five tips on remaining clean and sober during the holidays:
See for extensive information on the types, causes, and signs of addiction, as well as different kinds of recovery options.

Helpful Information and Resources on Prevention
Here’s a valuable site offering assistance on preventing drug and alcohol abuse. The resources at this site can be particularly helpful for teenagers. See:

For Information on Getting into Recovery
When first considering the possibility of breaking an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you need to know where to start. For assistance identifying your problem and knowing where to go for help, try:

Help with Choosing the Right Treatment Center
There are over 13,000 addiction facilities in the U.S. Which one is right for you? Check this site to find out.

Sober College: Rehab Redefined
Check out this infographic called “The Road to Recovery” for a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect when breaking a substance addiction. This is a good road to follow. See it here:

For Information on Withdrawal
Here’s a website offering information and resources on withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. See link here:

Find a Counselor or Treatment Center Near You
Check the website for addiction information and to search for a treatment professional or treatment center that would be available and easy for you to access.

Educational resource covering all aspects of alcoholism including signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and where to go for help. See

Recovery Resources Online offers a complete directory of recovery resources for drug addiction and alcoholism treatment centers, residential treatment programs, and more.


Treatment Centers Using Alternative Techniques

The Clearing
Located in the Pacific northwest, The Clearing serves as a dual diagnosis residential treatment center specializing in alcohol abuse, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. This treatment center offers an alternative program to the 12-Steps. See:

The Bluffs
For effective, evidence-based treatment in Ohio, check out The Bluffs. This organization provides effective, multi-level care for individuals with substance abuse, addiction, and mental health disorders.

California Highlands
This facility in the rolling hills of California offers a wide variety of proven, evidence-based therapies to assist with individualized and comprehensive addiction treatment. See:

Alo House Recovery Centers
The mission of Alo House Recovery Centers is to use ‘connection, not control’ to help their clients achieve autonomy, empowerment, and a sense of community. See more about their treatment program that relies on a broad spectrum of proven techniques here:

The Recovery Village Columbus
This drug and alcohol rehab center in Ohio offers comprehensive addiction treatment for all levels of care. Check the treatment options at their website:

Epiphany Treatment Center
This treatment center, with two locations in Florida, offers a unique, holistic program for recovery. See:

A Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Program using an Integrative Care Model.
Canaan, Connecticut (in the Berkshire Mountains)

Cliffside Malibu
Malibu, California

G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center
North Miami Beach, Florida

The Hills Treatment Center
Los Angeles, California

Passages Malibu
Malibu, California

Schick Shadel Hospital
Seattle, Washington

St Jude Retreat House
Hagaman, New York

Sierra Tucson Treatment Center
Tucson, Arizona

Support Systems Homes
Substance abuse treatment programs located in Northern California

Florida Rehabilitation Center
Delray Beach, FL

The Ranch
Nunnelly, Tennessee