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How to Quit Drugs for Good

How to Quit Drugs for Good

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Becoming Whole Again

Yes, there is a cure for drug addiction.

Your basic goal: to change your metabolism and your brain chemistry for greater health. This means that you need to eliminate drugs, toxins, and some addictive foods from your diet and change some other parts of your diet as well. It also means that you need to find ways to reduce stress, to accept life’s routine suffering, and to begin enjoying yourself without using drugs.

Then wait.

Why wait? Because once the healing process begins, it takes time to recover. Your body needs time to repair the damage. Your nervous system needs time to repair the damage. It will take a while for your mind to settle. But the best news is that you begin healing right away. In fact, the healthier your new lifestyle, the faster you’ll heal. You can heal most of your cells that have been damaged, at least to some degree. But the biggest thing you have going for you is your body’s replacement policy.

Your body creates new cells every day—about 300 to 400 million per day! These new cells replace old and dying cells. When you stop using drugs, the new cells your body creates will not be “drug-addicted” cells. They’ll never have experienced drugs. These new cells will be healthy, especially if you continue to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Scientists say that every seven years the body replaces every cell (except nerve cells) at least once. That means that the body renews itself and becomes a new conglomeration of cells—a new you—every seven years!

This new you begins every day. If you pay attention, you can feel it.