Reviews of the Book How to Quit Drugs for Good

How to Quit Drugs for Good

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“The Rating for How to Quit Drugs for Good: Very good. The Summary: Jerry Dorsman outlines all viable approaches to addiction treatment and, through a series of worksheets and checklists, helps readers select the recovery methods that will work best for them. In addition, the author details important facts about each drug and reveals the potential for addiction, the elements of addiction, and the typical problems the addicted person faces. Information is based on up-to-the-minute research as well as the author’s own clinical experience counseling drug-addicted clients and their families.”
-SLS Health -Psychological Health and Wellness Services

How to Quit Drugs for Good by Jerry Dorsman, BAC, offers a recovery plan based on self-empowerment, responsibility, and helping the addict find the approach that works for him.”
The Counselor Magazine
July/August 1999)