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How to Quit Drinking Without AA

How to Quit Drinking without AA

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The Cure

Yes, there is a cure for alcoholism.

Your basic goal: to change your metabolism for greater health. That means you need to eliminate alcohol and other addictive foods from your diet, and change some other parts of your diet as well.

Then wait.

Why wait? Because once the healing process begins, it takes time to recover. Your body needs time to repair the damage. But the best news is that you begin healing right away. In fact, the healthier your new lifestyle, the faster you will heal. You can heal most of your damaged cells, at least to some degree, because you have your body’s replacement policy going for you.

Your body creates new cells every minute to the tune of about three to four hundred million per day! These new cells replace old and dying cells. When you stop drinking, the new cells your body creates will not be “alcoholic” cells. They will never have tasted alcohol. These new cells will be healthy, if you continue to follow a healthy diet.

Scientists say that every seven years the body replaces every cell (except nerve cells) at least once. That means the body renews itself and becomes a completely new conglomeration of cells. A new you.

This new you begins every day. This new you begins now…