Dancing in the Universe

I come out dancing

I come out dancing

Dancing in the Universe

By Jerry Dorsman

Churned from swirling soot
into this bright presence,
I come out dancing.

I pause momentarily
and offer thanks
to the universe itself.

A part of all that’s gone before
and forever a part of all that’s yet to be,
I feel at home.

I vibrate here,
the electron dance barely separating
what goes on inside of me
from what goes on without.

All around in the vast expanse,
this brilliant energy
is gathered only in different concentrations
in different ways at different locations.

I feel it now,
the push, the pull, the jostling.

Therefore I play.

For the flashing of the light is festive
and ubiquitous
like brightly welcoming neon signs
in a city that knows no time.

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Jerry Dorsman is the coauthor How to Achieve Peace on Mind and the author of two books on addiction recovery: How to Quit Drinking Without AA and How to Quit Drugs for Good. This post expands an idea in one of the subchapters in How to Achieve Peace on Mind.

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